Your pet's quote helps a homeless pet.

Top Rated Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats

#1 Customer-Rated Pet Insurance

Our plan is simple. We cover any accident or illness and reimburse you up to 90% of your actual vet bill.

Get your pet's Free Quote, and we’ll make a donation towards a homeless pet’s medical care

*Lifetime Discount up to 10% Included.

  • Pet Insurance with Unlmited Lifetime Benefits

    Unlimited Benefits!

    Our pet insurance plan provides unlimited lifetime benefits with no annual or per incident caps.
  • Pet Insurance with Comprehensive Coverage

    Best Pet Health Coverage

    We cover everything that matters including injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions,
    and emergency care.
  • Pet Insurance with Fast Claims Reimbursement

    Fast Claim Reimbursements

    We take helping you care for your pet very seriously. Most claims paid within 10 days!

This program is a benefit from your alumni association through The Alumni Insurance Program®.Your Alumni Association receives financial benefits from the administrator that provides this program. These benefits help fund alumni programs and activities.

The Healthy Paws® Pet Insurance & Foundation is dedicated to helping animal welfare groups grow, thrive, and as a result, will help thousands of homeless pets find new homes. Through our partnership with Healthy Paws, we can deliver an opportunity for our alumni to help homeless pets as well as their own furry family members.