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9 Dog-Friendly Destinations for National Tourism Week

05/06/2015 by Healthy Paws
May 6th, 2015 by Healthy Paws

Traveling with pets can be a hassle – or it can be full of fun and pawsitivity! The trick is careful planning and packing, along with a healthy dash of spontaneity. During National Travel and Tourism Week, May 2 to 10, we’re spotlighting pet-friendly destinations across the country. These nine travel hot spots are guaranteed pup- and people-pleasers!

pet friendly parks New York

Central Park is dog-friendly! Off-leash hours are from 6-9am and 9pm-1am. (

1. Central Park, New York City

Arguably the most famous urban park in the country, NYC’s Central Park sees thousands of canines come and go every day. The rules are simple – pups must have their NYC license and rabies tags and be controlled by a pet parent at all times. As with any other public space, treat it with respect, meaning no digging and paying attention to all signage. Most of all, make sure you Pick Up That Poop!

During daytime – 9am to 9pm – keep your dog leashed; Central Park’s off-leash hours are from 6 to 9am and 9pm to 1am. Additionally, non-service dogs are never allowed in park buildings, gardens, playgrounds and sport courts. For more information on Central Park’s dog policies, visit their website.

dog friendly Los Angeles Angel City Brewery

Angel City Brewery in L.A. is dog-friendly and specializes in small batch, craft beers. (

2. Angel City Brewery, Los Angeles

If Mother Nature isn’t your speed, check out this dog-friendly Los Angeles brewery. Angel City Brewery is known for its craft beers, brewed in small batches. With a full beer menu and a rotating schedule of visiting food trucks, this downtown L.A. destination is sure to please foodies.

Dogs must be kept on-leash at all times and aren’t allowed in the actual beer-brewing area – sorry Fido, no brewery tour for you! If your pup is averse to loud noises or crowds, we wouldn’t recommend a brewery.

Mercury's Canine Cruise pet friendly Chicago

Mercury’s Canine Cruise offers tours of Chicago’s pet-friendly destinations during the summer. (

3. Mercury’s Canine Cruise, Chicago

During Chicago’s canine influenza outbreak, most dog parks are closed for the near future. You can still get out of the house with your pup – just trade concrete for waves! Mercury’s Canine Cruise is a dog-friendly boat tour created specifically with dogs in mind.

“Sit back, relax and soak in the city as you enjoy a lively narration of Chicago’s rich history and architectural marvels with dog-friendly highlights,” says the tour’s website. Dogs must be leashed; water and a potty area are provided onboard. Tickets are $31 for adults, $11 for youngsters under 12, and $8 for canine guests, purchased online or at the ticket office.

Houston Arboretum dog friendly travel parks

Curious pups will find tons to explore in the Houston Arboretum, 155 acres of wildlife. (

4. Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

A hidden gem in this dry metropolis, the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center boasts 155 acres of pristine green, complete with wildlife. Walk over 5 miles of trails with your (on-leash) pup or visit the Wildlife Garden, which is home to species like the Nine-banded Armadillo and Texas’ state bird, the Northern Mockingbird.

Admission to the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is free; amateur photographers must pay a $25 fee to take pics. Dogs must stay on trails and are not allowed inside buildings.

Kenmore Air dog friendly flights Seattle

Kenmore Air offers dog-friendly flights, including a scenic tour of the San Juan Islands. (

5. Kenmore Air Flights, Seattle

For the fearless flyer, Kenmore Air offers dog-friendly sightseeing flights of the San Juan Islands. Shuttle service is also available between Seattle’s Lake Union and Boeing Field airstrips. Pups will love getting a birds-eye view of this beautiful city – but keep all paws and noses inside the aircraft, please!

Scenic San Juan Island flights are priced at $208.50 for two hours, while shuttle service is $10-15 per person. A shorter, 20 minute flyover of the city of Seattle is $101/person. Lap dogs are free, while pups over 25 lbs are charged the per person fee.

Doggie Bag Cafe Miami dog friendly restaurants

It’s dogs-only at Miami’s Doggie Bag Cafe and Boutique, where canine brunch is offered on weekends. (

6. Doggie Bag Café and Pet Boutique, Miami

Billed as “the first restaurant in America just for dogs,” the Doggie Bag Café serves tasty dog-friendly meals. The weekend brunch menu includes an “Arf-petizer,” your choice of entrée – meat, rice and veggies; “pup pies” or “Miami Mutt-loaf” – followed by a pupcake! Canine cocktails are also offered, including Bark-a-Ritas and Muttinis.

If you’re in town for the long haul, the Doggie Bag Café also sells premade Bento Bark Boxes, freezable dinners, and special occasion cakes. If you’re interested in cooking for your pup, take Cooking for Canines 101, just $30/dog.

Red Rock Canyon dog friendly hiking

Las Vegas’ Red Rock Canyon has plenty of space for adventurous pups to romp. (

7. Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

While most Las Vegas hotels are pet-friendly – for a price, at least – if the glitz of the Strip isn’t your scene, head into Las Vegas’ oft-forgotten natural beauty. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area showcases the stunning scenery of Nevada’s deserts, with plenty of space for high-energy pups to stretch their legs. A 13-mile scenic drive is also a feature, for senior pets who still enjoy a good ol’ car ride.

Red Rock Canyon is less than 30 minutes from the Strip. Dogs must stay on trails and on-leash; doggie bags are available to Pick Up That Poop! The only fees are $7 per vehicle for a daily pass.

dog friendly Philadelphia travel

Take your pup on a walking tour of downtown Philly, visiting historical landmarks. (

8. The Constitutional Walking Tour, Philadelphia

For the history buff pup, Philadelphia is steeped in early American culture and dotted with important landmarks, like the Liberty Bell and the Declaration House. A 75-minute tour, just over 1.25 miles walking distance, dogs are welcome on all tours on-leash. Buy tickets for the Constitutional Walking Tour online; the tour is offered daily April through November, although private tours and field trips are available yearround.

Ticket prices for adults are $19; children ages 3-12 are $12.50.

dog friendly San Antonio Riverwalk

Stroll along the San Antonio Riverwalk, home to landmarks, dining and shops. (

9. San Antonio River Walk

A cool oasis in the heart of San Antonio, the River Walk is a shady stroll through tree-lined streets lined with delicious dining and shopping. Over 5 miles of walkways wind through downtown; the Alamo is within walking distance.

Dogs must be leashed, and not all restaurants and shops on the River Walk are dog-friendly. The famed Rio San Antonio Cruise boat tour is also not dog-friendly.