With Healthy Paws, you will save up to 90% of your pet's veterinary bills with no limits on your lifetime benefits.

    • Comprehensive coverage for illnesses and accidents
    • 99% of claims processed in 2 days
    • Use any licensed vet
    • Rated Best Pet Insurance 2016, 2017, 2018

    Lifetime discounts for employees


    With Healthy Paws, you will save up to 90% of your pet's veterinary bills with no limits on your lifetime benefits.

    Your Lovable Pet Deserves the Best Medical Care!

How To Save Money On Your Vet Bills

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation covers your pet from head to paw—for a lifetime. Our pet insurance plan pays on your actual veterinary bill and covers injuries, illnesses, emergencies, genetic conditions and much more.


Healthy Paws Pays*
$ 1,295

Chronic Ear Infections

Healthy Paws Pays*
$ 3,275
Chronic Ear Infections

Ingesting a Foreign Body

Healthy Paws Pays*
$ 5,525
Ingesting a Foreign Body

Urinary Tract Infections

Healthy Paws Pays*
$ 3,050
Urinary Tract Infections

Leg Fracture

Healthy Paws Pays*
$ 4,760
Leg Fracture

Cherry Eye (Entropion)

Healthy Paws Pays*
$ 1,250
Jane Helf

*Examples based on a 90% reimbursement and $100 annual deductible.

What We Cover
Healthy Paws' coverage is provided with no limits on claims. We are the only company to provide unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible!

If your pet needs treatment for any accident or illness, and it's not a pre-existing condition, you're covered. It's that simple.
One Plan. Four Paws. All Covered™!
Hereditary Conditions
Congenital Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Diagnostic Treatment
X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasounds
Prescription Medications
Emergency Care
Specialty Care
Alternative Treatments
Meet Arrow & Baxter
Arrow - Life Threatening Lung Condition
This is a heartwarming story about Arrow, a 3 year old Russian Wolfhound. His lung condition and treatments totaled over $33,000 with Healthy Paws covering $29,114! Being protected by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance made it easy for Arrow's parents to give him the best life-saving pet medical care possible. Keep running Arrow!
Baxter - Advances in Cancer Care for Dogs
Amazing advances have been made in pet health care. As a result, Baxter has one amazing story. One of the leading new treatments called CyberKnife™ Radiosurgery saved Baxter from an inoperable and usually fatal form of cancer. The treatment totaled $21,000 and Healthy Paws paid over $18,000!
Meet Arrow & Baxter
Arrow - Life Threatening Lung Condition
Baxter - Advances in Cancer Care for Dogs
How To Join

Your Healthy Paws Pet Insurance plan allows you to choose an annual deductible and reimbursement level that fits your budget. Once your 15-day accident and illness waiting period is over, you and your pets will be protected with unlimited lifetime benefits!

  • How to Join How to Join
Key Things to Know

  • You are reimbursed based on your actual veterinary bill
  • See any licensed veterinarian
  • Emergency care coverage is included
  • Most claims are paid within 3-10 days
  • Your employee discount is good for life, even if you change careers
  • You can join at anytime and cancel at anytime
  • Direct bill to credit or debit card. This benefit is not available as a payroll deduction.

  • Dogs or cats that are at least 8 weeks old and less than 14 years old are eligible to join Healthy Paws!
  • For pets younger than 6, a veterinary exam within the past 12 months is required for enrollment
  • For pets 6 and older, a veterinary exam within the past 30 days is required for enrollment.
  • Once enrolled, Healthy Paws provides lifetime coverage with unlimited lifetime benefits!
  • Healthy Paws will need your pet's medical records when you file your first claim.

Top-Rated Customer Service
Fast claim reimbursements, no caps on claims, and compassionate customer service are just a few of the reasons why pet parents just like you trust us to protect their pets! It's just one of the reasons why we are the #1 customer-rated pet insurance company at leading review sites like Pet Insurance Review and Consumers Advocate.

Kelly S. @ PetInsuranceReview.com

"I am so glad to have Healthy Paws insurance! They do care about pets and they did exactly what they said they would."

Angie's List Member @ Angie's List

"...when I called the first question was how my dog was doing. Healthy Paws has been absolutely amazing."

Susan L. @ Yelp

"Healthy Paws Pet Insurance paid my claim promptly and more importantly, genuinely cared about my little buddy's recovery."

Cindy J. @ PetInsuranceReview.com

"It is easy to file a claim using Healthy Paws mobile app and claims are usually processed and checks in the mail within a week."

  • Top Rated Top Rated