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Pet Care. Pet Training. Pet Stories.
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10 Best Pet Photographers in Seattle

01/21/2013 by Colleen Williams
January 21st, 2013 by Colleen Williams

From Federal Way to Everett pet parents in the greater Seattle-area have an abundance of dog parks, pet related businesses and, of course, rain. Drizzly days aside, The Emerald City is as well suited for tech companies and goretex coats as it is for pampered pooches and coddled kitties.

And, for not-so-shutter-shy pets, there are more than a few ways to look pixel perfect. How? With the help of the local pet photographers who are snapping frame-worthy shots of Seattle’s furry friends.

This week, with our selections of the 10 most talented members of Seattle’s pup-a-razzi, we’re turning the lens around and focusing our attention on the two legged talent behind the camera.

Below are Heathy Paws’ Pets Choice selections for the best pet photographers in Seattle and 20 wonderful pictures that make their work best in show.





For more information, call Steven Dangerfield at





For more information, email Erin Vey at


Bailey &


For more information, contact Julie Clegg at or (425) 577-1917


Best Friend


For more information, contact Emily Rieman at or (206) 935-5624



For more information, contact Jamie Pflughoeft at or (206) 335-8096


dane + dane



For more information, contact J.Nichole Smith or Amelia Soper at





For more information, contact Shelle Singer at or (425) 367-8607


For more information, contact Winnie Forbes via her website’s contact form at


NW Dog



For more information, contact Bruce Weber at or (206) 418-8290


For more information, contact Julie Austin at


(Important Note: Please respect the work of each of the above photographers by not re-purposing any photographs without first getting permission, then giving them the attribution they deserve. Thank you.)