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Grant Programs
Grant Program
At Healthy Paws, our mission is to help all pets have a healthier and happier tomorrow. We're passionate about helping homeless pets get the medical care they need so we provide

Homeless Pet Medical Grants

funded through our Every Quote Gives Hope™ program. Pet adoption organizations can apply for these cash grants specifically for life-saving vaccines, spay/neuter programs, and advanced medical treatments.
Apply for a Homeless Pet Medical Grant
Grant amount: $250

In order to participate in the programs we require the following:
  1. Your organization's focus is in preventing or rescuing homeless pets.
  2. Your organization has 501(c)(3) status, or in the process of applying for 501(c)(3). status.
  3. You organization is not a proponent of the sale of dogs or cats through "puppy mills", irresponsible breeding, or pet stores.
How to Apply
Grant applications will be reviewed and then distributed monthly. You only need to apply once per year to qualify for a Homeless Pet Medical Grant. If you have specific questions about the application process, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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