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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best pet insurance plan and customer service in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Pet Insurance Review, The Seattle Times, Angie's List, Los Angeles Times, and Consumers Advocate.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - February 2016*.

Healthy Paws for peace of mind
Johnny - 1/20/2016
We adopted a shelter puppy and after doing something research, chose Healthy Paws for the peace of mind if an emergency occurred. Fast forward a few months and our pup he had an obstruction in his small intestine that required emergency surgery. The Healthy Paws app is great and makes submitting vet bills entirely painless. I'm not kidding when I say it took me less than two minutes of my time to photo the vet invoices and submit the claim. I filed the claim the day he came home from the hospital, and 5 days later I received notification from Healthy Paws that the claim had been processed! I thought Apple had customer care levels cornered, but Healthy Paws blows even them out of the water. Without a doubt one of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We are entirely grateful for Healthy Paws, and without their support, would be at a loss for how to cover our pet’s unexpected costs. ... Read More + Read More
Extremely prompt service and easy to file claims
Bev - 1/12/2016
At a very stressful time with the health of our dog, filing a claim with Healthy Paws was very easy… We are so happy with this wonderful insurance company with the compassion they showed towards our situation, along with the speed of their claims processing. I would recommend them to anyone that loves their pets and wants to have some peace of mind. ... Read More + Read More
Great company to be insured with!
Y.L. - 1/4/2016
My Pomeranian was recently diagnosed with chronic/acute kidney failure. Medical costs were sky high (in the thousands) and I'm really glad to have my dog insured by Healthy Paws! Their claims process was so easy and straightforward. Having a sick dog is hard, but Healthy Paws made it possible to worry less about the medical bills and give my dog the best treatment possible. ... Read More + Read More
Highly recommended
Nora - 12/28/2015
I signed up for Healthy Paws a few months after getting our puppy from a local rescue. At first our puppy was healthy, but that all changed a few months in when our dog seemed to start getting sick with everything - from mange, a massive hot spot, to the absolute worst - ibuprofen toxicity (my dog will eat anything when I'm not looking). Healthy Paws covered ALL of the costs associated with his "unluckiness”, never making my decision about his medical care based solely on cost. I highly recommend Healthy Paws to friends and family members who have a pet. Their customer service is prompt and reliable. I hate to think what the outcome for my dog could have been had I not had their services. THANK YOU Healthy Paws for ultimately saving my dog! ... Read More + Read More
Amazing Company, great customer service
Joe - 12/20/2015
Our experience has been nothing but amazing. We signed up for Healthy Paws as a “just in case” and it turned out being a life saver for me financially and in all honesty, the life of my boxer Riley. She's developed some stomach issues that have had us in the vet's office endlessly. Healthy Paws has been great and has paid every single dime they say they will cover, no questions asked. One of the customer service reps even reached out just to check on how she was doing! I've had nothing but the best experience with them in all aspects. If you're on the fence about whether or not to have pet insurance, we highly recommend Healthy Paws. Our boxer is under 2 years old and her vet bills are already in the ten thousand dollar range for issues beyond everyday care. Young or old, I would definitely recommend Healthy Paws. ... Read More + Read More
Great coverage and fast reimbursements
John - 12/12/2015
We got pet insurance for our lab/shepherd mix girl and we're so glad we did. She had a CCL tear in her left hind knee. Healthy Paws has been great about handling our claims. All I have to do is scan the invoices and upload them to their website. Within a few days they've processed the claim and sent a check in mail. They've covered the surgery and all the rehab work as well. This is the first time we've had pet insurance for one of our animals and I'll get it for all future animals. It's really great not having to make the hard decision between getting your fuzzy pal the best care possible and a vet bill that's going to be thousands of dollars. ... Read More + Read More
Unbelievably kind and efficient service
Ali - 12/5/2015
Healthy Paws provided unbelievably kind and efficient service for our kitten during a very stressful time following an unfortunate accident. Alleviating additional worry about bills and costs allowed us to get our baby the very best care possible and focus all our attention on her. We are truly grateful to Healthy Paws and their team! ... Read More + Read More
An amazing company!
Angie - 11/28/2015
This is an amazing company!! I just filed a claim for my pug for dental surgery on some broken teeth. The total cost was $1600.00 and Healthy Paws reimbursed $1450.00!! They also sent an email a few days after her surgery just to see how she was doing. For such a small monthly cost, it's so nice to not have to worry about the cost of healthcare when your baby is sick or hurt! ... Read More + Read More
Compassionate care
Joanne - 11/18/2015
Zoe was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and since she is a very active two year old, the vet recommended complete hip replacement surgery for her to be as pain free as possible… The service and compassion from Healthy Paws is far better than that of our human health insurer. Their customer service could not be any better and thanks to Healthy Paws, Zoe will now have a chance for a happy life! ... Read More + Read More
Best pet insurance available, hands down!
Joe - 11/6/2015
Unfortunately, I have had more than a few mishaps within the first 2 years of being a first time pet dad...some of them major injuries to my puppy. Healthy Paws has been nothing short of amazing and has given me the piece of mine to never hesitate to make sure my dog receives the best possible medical care available. I recommend Healthy Paws to every pet parent at the vet, dog park, apartment community...literally every chance I get. One of the best pet parent decisions I could have made! ... Read More + Read More
Absolutely wonderful insurance
Sarah - 11/3/2015
Absolutely wonderful insurance company (how often can one say that?). My accident prone puppy has been in and out of the vet since day one and Healthy Paws has been incredible. They have covered everything that they said they would and responded to claims quickly. It is such a relief knowing that I have a highly reliable company that has my dog's health in its best interest. Highly recommend. ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws is the best!
Jeff - 10/30/2015
I have to say that I am extremely happy with the coverage and service offered by Healthy Paws! I have 3 healthy dogs, but for some reason felt I should get them covered and a friend recommended Healthy Paws. After signing them up, one of my dogs got sick and required overnight hospitalization for an unexpected infection. Their customer service was amazing and patiently walked me through how to submit my first claim and what to expect while the claim was in review. They truly are the best - I wish my human health insurance company was as honest and easy to deal with as Healthy Paws! ... Read More + Read More
Fantastic pet insurance company
Shandell - 10/27/2015
All the members of our family with dogs use Healthy Paws. We have tried other insurance companies and none can compare to Healthy Paws. They are a fantastic company and their staff is exceptional. For peace of mind, you can not go wrong with Healthy Paws. We are extremely happy with Healthy Paws and would recommend them without hesitation. ... Read More + Read More

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* Lifetime customer satisfaction rating at PetInsuranceReview.com