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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best pet insurance plan and customer service in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Pet Insurance Review, The Seattle Times, Angie's List, Los Angeles Times, and Consumers Advocate.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - August 2015*.

Simple, easy, fast, comprehensive!
Diane - 8/11/2015
Not only was Healthy Paws quick to turn around our claim, but they checked in on Luna to see how she was doing after her accident. It's great to see such dedication to the families Healthy Paws supports and that they understand quick claims processing is critical when dealing with expensive vet bills. The added follow up on how my baby was doing is a very sweet touch that many companies don't provide. Their service is untouched!

Fast, friendly and effortless
Erica - 8/8/2015
I can't tell you how easy it was to work with Healthy Paws. It is really hard to choose what I like most about them: their phone app or their customer service! With being able to take a picture and immediately submit my claim using my phone, I often haven't even gotten to my car when I receive an email stating that they have received my claim and are reviewing it… Their customer service has been AMAZING! My claims are processed much faster than their stated times, they email to check to see how my dog is doing after his bigger medical visits, and they are so polite and helpful! I tell ALL my friends and family (even strangers on the street) about them!

Healthy Paws saved my baby's life
Patti - 8/2/2015
My French bulldog, Gaucho, is my world. This past year he has experienced a string of bad luck health-wise, and Healthy Paws has never questioned the frequency of my claims, nor delayed in reimbursing me. It truly cannot be any easier! Just this past week, Gaucho underwent emergency back surgery after suddenly being rendered paralyzed by a congenital spine disease. $6,000 later he is home and faces a long recovery ahead of him. What I do NOT worry about though, is the expense. That's because I have priceless peace of mind that the coverage I have for Gaucho through Healthy Paws will not let me or Gaucho down. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Healthy Paws!

Affordable pet insurance for peace of mind
Amy - 7/25/2015
Healthy Paws has gone above and beyond what I expected of a pet insurance company. Affordable pet insurance that gives me peace of mind if my pet gets sick. Claims are taken care of fast, sometimes in less than a day and the reimbursement check comes in the mail the same week. Excellent customer service and an obvious dedication to helping pets!

Healthy Paws is wonderful!
Murielle - 7/16/2015
Healthy Paws is so wonderful! We signed our four pups up for coverage around the beginning of this year and unfortunately, have had many incidents with our babies already. Every time I have submitted a claim, their customer care team was helpful, supportive, and issued a reimbursement check within days! Not only that, they email to see how my babies are doing after they've been hurt or sick! You can tell they really care about our fur kids and about us. I tell everyone I meet with a dog, friends and strangers alike, that getting my babies insured with Healthy Paws was the best decision I ever made. Worth every penny to know that we are covered and cared for.

Choosing Healthy Paws - our best decision
Tara - 7/11/2015
Choosing Healthy Paws was the BEST decision we made. I researched many different companies and none compared to the coverage offered with Healthy Paws. Their customer service has been amazing and claims are processed very quickly. Our dog is only 5 years old and recently needed major eye surgery for bad cataracts. Healthy Paws came through and it feels good to know that we have such a great company to lean on when it comes to medical needs for our fur baby.

Stellar customer service
Eli - 7/6/2015
When we got our puppy, we promptly signed up for pet insurance. We picked Healthy Paws because of its outstanding reviews and they weren't wrong! About a month after signing up with Healthy Paws, our dog became drastically ill -- to the tune of more than $2000. Their stellar customer service folks were always friendly, helpful and understanding. Healthy Paws quickly accepted our documents, gave us great feedback for any we were missing and promptly send out a claims check. Their policies are clear and fair. Without their help, we'd be financially screwed.

Compassionate and attentive
Christina - 6/28/2015
I have had to use Healthy Paws on a number of occasions for my accident prone puppy and it has been well worth it. I cannot say enough about the positive experience I have had with the Healthy Paws staff. They are always so responsive and process my claims in a timely manner (sometimes within a matter of an hour of me submitting them!). The customer service representatives are always compassionate and attentive on the phone. I would never go with another insurance carrier for my pet other than Healthy Paws. Keep up the great work!

Excellent claims processing
Cheryl - 6/23/2015
Within a six week time frame my dog Emma was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affects her toenails and then had to have a mast cell tumor removed. I submitted two claims online which was very easy to do… I have worked in the health insurance industry for many years and know prompt and correct claims processing makes a company. Healthy Paws could give lessons to our human health insurance companies! I researched several pet insurance companies and chose Healthy Paws as I thought it fit my needs the best. Now I know I made the right decision!

The #1 pet insurance - proven and earned!
Hanna - 6/16/2015
My 8.5 year old boxer boy underwent his first surgery to remove a mass growing on his back. I contacted the Healthy Paws claim department and was able to speak to a live person within minutes. My vet appointment was on a Monday; I received an email confirmation confirming receipt of invoice on Tuesday; on Wednesday my claim was processed. I received a reimbursement check by Saturday! REPEAT: I received the reimbursement in less than a week from the day of surgery. It's no wonder they are ranked the #1 pet insurance company! I have tried to tell all of my friends at the dog park and vet's office about my experience because I wish someone would've told me sooner! With all of the love I have in my heart for my Maximus who is everything to me, I thank you Healthy Paws!

Great coverage and wonderful customer service
Carla - 6/13/2015
Our 16 mo old Newfie tore her cruciate ligament, requiring surgical repair. I submitted our claim and it was processed within hours! The Healthy Paws follow-up care and customer service is outstanding. I researched many pet policies and selected Healthy Paws because of the coverage. Easy process to submit a claim, wonderful staff and the lightning speed in claims processing. Highly recommend.

Outstanding customer service
Chelsea - 6/8/2015
Simply put, Healthy Paws has some of the best customer service I have ever encountered! My puppy decided to eat the spiral binding of a notebook. The people at Healthy Paws were always helpful and sympathetic. Apart from their great customer service, Healthy Paws makes it so easy and convenient to file claims. As a medical student, I am really busy and the thought of photocopying and mailing in invoices is certainly not appealing. I love that you can literally snap a picture of the invoice with your iPhone or Android phone and file a claim while you are sitting in the waiting room. The turn around time is also incredibly impressive. All of my claims were processed within 48h. One claim was actually processed while I was still at the vet. Healthy Paws was faster at processing the claim than the vet was at getting my dog out to me!

Healthy Paws is simply the best
Paul - 6/2/2015
Thank you Healthy Paws so much for helping my family take care of our beloved Stella. Quite simply, your company is the best. You do as you say and say as you do...a quality quite hard to find in today's world. Your dependability, care, and wonderful customer service have truly helped my family through this stressful and costly period. Your attention to detail has made all the difference. I don't often write reviews for companies, but you are the exception. Your timeliness in turning around claims, the ease of submitting a claim, and your coverage make all the difference. But it does not stop there. Not only are you helping me pay for Stella's operation, but you are helping us get her back on her feet by covering the costs of rehab and physical therapy. Thank you so much Healthy Paws. Your company has made a difference in both our lives and Stella's and I don't know where we we would be without you.

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* Lifetime customer satisfaction rating at PetInsuranceReview.com