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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best pet insurance plan and customer service in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Pet Insurance Review, The Seattle Times, Angie's List, Los Angeles Times, and Consumers Advocate.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - July 2014*.

This is a pretty spectacular service
Leah D. - 7/2/2014
I upload a camera phone picture of my dog's surgery or chemo invoice via their mobile app and about a week later I get a check in the mail, no questions asked. This is a pretty spectacular service! Dealing with doggie cancer is stressful enough, the last thing I want to do is deal with lots of paperwork.. But Healthy Paws did for me exactly what they said they would, and covering my dog with them was one of the best decisions I've made. Seriously, I can't express how much easier they have made this entire ordeal, both for my wallet and mental sanity.

Peace of mind to provide the best possible care
Kristina - 6/29/2014
I was referred to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance by a fellow pet parent. I have been so impressed with their customer service and expedient review of claims. If only human health insurance could be so easy for my family. When crisis strikes, the last thing I want to be concerned about is whether or not I can afford the best possible care for my dog. Healthy Paws gives me that peace of mind.

Healthy Paws is AMAZING!
Kelly L. - 6/26/2014
At the initial check-up for my rescue adopted Golden Retriever, the vet encouraged me to get pet insurance. After much time making comparisons, I chose Healthy Paws. I was sure it would be more trouble than it was worth but to my surprise this has been the best company that I have dealt with - EVER! I put off submitting my claims and was a bit confused at the start, but the customer care was wonderful! They respond to claims immediately and checks are received within a week.

Outstanding service!
Kim B. - 6/26/2014
All I can say is WOW! If your a pet parent and are looking for insurance (which I highly recommend), then you should definitely consider Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for its fast, courteous and compassionate care. They do care, they will help and they will listen to your concerns and above all else, their monthly premiums are reasonable compared to the cost of vet bills today. Bless you Healthy Paws and thank you!

I'm so happy with Healthy Paws
Kelly R. - 6/25/2014
I'm so happy with Healthy Paws...absolutely love the customer service - they are so friendly and personable! Also, my claims have always been resolved within hours via email, and payment received within days. The addition of the user-friendly mobile app today made me happy. Love it!

The BEST pet insurance - Period!
Barry G. - 6/25/2014
Just this year we have had 4 claims, the latest being this week…When I found out Savanna needed this immediate surgery, I did not even have to ask the cost! All because I have Healthy Paws Insurance. Their claim review and turn-around time is OUTSTANDING! For me, less than 4 days on each occurrence! The Staff is so caring and excellent; they even emailed me good thoughts and best wishes pre-surgery!

Healthy Paws - the best decision ever!
Mandy K. - 6/24/2014
I have had my dog Moo covered by Healthy Paws Insurance since she was adopted in 2011. Last year she was hospitalized with a severe gastric issue and again 2 weeks ago. Each time the claims were processed extremely fast and I was reimbursed for all covered expenses. The last claim was processed in less than 1 hour from submission! Wow, now that is excellent customer service! I would recommend Healthy Paws Insurance to anyone who has pets for the peace of mind they bring!

This company is amazing!
Samantha F. - 6/23/2014
This company is amazing! My pup had a big accident at 10 weeks old, only 18 days after we signed up with Healthy Paws. She's still here, happy, and healthy because of the coverage we had with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. I couldn't be happier. It's worth every penny and the customer service has been and continues to be wonderful.

Excellent pet insurance!
Monica K. - 6/22/2014
We've been Healthy Paws Pet Insurance clients for over 3 years. Our three dogs are all insured. We have nothing but positive experience with this company! I've done extensive research of all pet insurances before signing up with them. They're definitely offering much better coverage than other companies that are often promoted by veterinarian offices. Our claims are ALWAYS processed within two hours (!!!) after submitting via email. The customer service staff is pleasant and helpful.

Lucio G. - 6/22/2014
Very satisfied!!! The staff at Healthy Paws really cares about your pet family member. Their main concern is getting your pet back to health. The communication by their customer service is wonderful and the turnover on a claim is incredibly fast. We have 2 German shepherds and our older male is with another well known pet insurance company whose service is nowhere near as great as Healthy Paws. I truly want to thank the whole staff at Health Paws for their support!

I love Healthy Paws Pet Insurance!
Marie - 6/11/2014
I love Healthy Paws Pet Insurance! I scanned and uploaded my vet bills and had an answer within a couple hours - not months, weeks or even days…just a couple hours… Having Healthy Paws allows me to make health care decisions based on the quality of life for my dog, not the balance in my bank account.

Healthy Paws paid out on my claims in less than a week!
Linda - 4/29/2014
I recently adopted a cat and purchased an insurance plan through Healthy Paws and was I glad I did! About six weeks later my cat needed surgery for what turned out to be a blocked bile duct. The vet bills were staggering (I live in Manhattan, so you can imagine!). Healthy Paws paid out on my claims in less than a week! My credit card company and I were thrilled! I was very happy with their customer service and their emails to check on how my cat was recovering. I highly recommend Healthy Paws!

Service Was Above and Beyond What I Expected!
Manuel - 3/18/2014
I have a Siberian Husky puppy named Mal, like Malcolm. I came home one day to a puppy that was very ill. He seemed dizzy and disoriented. Watching him constantly throw himself in the snow and trip over himself was nerve wracking to say the least. Although he's all better now, the vets never were able to determine what the problem was. I felt super helpless. Having to deal with the fact that Mal was about to undergo all sorts of tests and exams on top of spending his first nights away from home was super difficult. How was I supposed to deal with billing departments, faxes, emails and multiple invoices??? So I call Healthy Paws. The first thing I noticed was how extremely helpful and friendly the entire staff behaved with me.

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* Lifetime customer satisfaction rating at PetInsuranceReview.com