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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best pet insurance plan and customer service in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Pet Insurance Review, The Seattle Times, Angie's List, Los Angeles Times, and Consumers Advocate.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - May 2015*.

Just an incredible company
Jillian - 5/23/2015
Just an incredible company. I work in medicine so I am well aware of the common dealings with insurance companies. I CANNOT praise Healthy Pets enough for their absolutely superb level of service - it far surpasses any pet or human insurance company I've come across. Fast processing, caring customer service, efficient response time to questions/concerns, and quick reimbursement. The sheer simplicity of submitting claims through the mobile app is mind blowing to me - EVERY insurance company should be run this way.

Best pet insurance company
Jackie - 5/20/2015
Their customer service is outstanding. The ability to take a picture of your claim and submit it using your smart phone is brilliant and makes the claim process super easy. After our sweet puppy had surgery, we received an email from Healthy Paws checking on how Lulu was recovering. My husband and I wish the United States Healthcare system was as compassionate and user-friendly as Healthy Paws.

Great company!
Valerie - 5/16/2015
This pet insurance company is great! I filed two claims the other day and within 24 hours they were completed. They reimburse so quickly and anytime I have contacted their customer service folks, they are so nice! Really impressed and can't recommend them enough.

Cannot imagine what we would do without Healthy Paws
Alex - 5/12/2015
Healthy Paws is incredible. I cannot put a value on the peace of mind Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers. There have been many cases where I have debated whether or not to take Andy to the vet, and in the past probably would have opted not to go because of the cost. I don't worry about this anymore, and I am so sure it has made Andy's life better/happier. More than that, the care the Healthy Paws team has for my pet is so clear. Last month Andy got sick and had some significant vet bills. Less then a week after our first vet visit, one of their customer care team members reached out to check on Andy and see how he was doing! Just the fact that they took the time to check in on him was incredible.

Highly recommended
Anne - 5/10/2015
We have had Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for over a year, but never had reason to use it until now. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of filing claims and the quick response in reviewing and reimbursement. It is such a relief to know that we don't have to base our medical decisions for our beloved pet on finances. It is stressful enough when a pet is sick or injured. Healthy Paws allowed us to focus on helping our dog through surgery and her recovery. I was impressed by how accessible their representatives are and how kind and caring everyone has been. I highly recommend them to anyone considering pet insurance!

Healthy Paws is always there for you
Bob - 5/8/2015
Our 2 year old Great Dane, Gunnar, recently wasn't feeling very well and didn't want to eat. After our vet visits and arriving home, we used the Healthy Paws phone app to submit a copy of the bills from both veterinarian facilities. By the next morning, we received an email letting us know that the claims were in process and later that day we received another email that the check was being sent out. We are so pleased with not only the speed to which the claims are processed, but also by the genuine concern that Healthy Paws has for its clients. They always make it a point to check back within days to see how your loved one (pet) is doing…You always hope that you never have to use your Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, but knowing that they are there for you when you need them is definitely reassuring.

I chose Healthy Paws and never looked back
Lorna - 5/6/2015
When Wookie was very young I knew I never wanted to compromise his health because I couldn't afford the best treatments for him. When I found Healthy Paws, I knew it was the right pet insurance for my precious baby. I've never been sorry, and I've saved thousands on Wookie's health care. Their reimbursement is a quick turn around and I usually get a check within a week of filing. They actually call to find out how he's feeling...Does your pet insurance company do that?

Healthy Paws is what insurance should look like!
Miree - 4/27/2015
Words cannot express my satisfaction and elation enough with the coverage, service, speed, ease and genuine care that Health Paws provided in connection with a claim for my dog. I was prepared for a long claim process, but filing the claim was so easy and the claim review was quicker with Healthy Paws than with any other human insurance claim…In less than a week, Healthy Paws had received, reviewed, and processed the claim AND sent my reimbursement. What I REALLY appreciated was that following reimbursement, Healthy Paws even sent an email to me asking about Miles and if his stomach was better. It wasn't just a generic email blast. Rather, it was personal and demonstrates extraordinary service, vested interest and care. Kudos to Healthy Paws!

Exceptional service and kindness
Leecia - 4/17/2015
... I cannot say enough good things about Healthy Paws. They went above and beyond with their service and kindness. This was a large claim ($4000+) and even though we have only been with Healthy Paws for a short time, we were treated like family members. I have never posted an online review, but for Healthy Paws, I have made an exception because they have been so exceptional. The online enrollment was super easy, the deductible and monthly payment extremely reasonable and their is service spectacular.

Glad I chose Healthy Paws
Noelle - 4/10/2015
I am very happy I chose Healthy Paws! Their claims process was so easy and fast. Great communication and customer service. No one ever wants to have to use insurance, but when major things come up, it’s good you can make the best decision possible about your pet’s health knowing you have Healthy Paws in your corner.

Great customer service
Peter - 3/29/2015
After doing a lot of homework, I decided that Healthy Paws was the way to go and I'm glad I chose them. Submitting your claims is easy and efficient. You always receive an email stating that they've received and reviewed your claim and then they email you when your reimbursement has been sent. Everyone that I've ever spoke to in customer care has been helpful and friendly. Their team also followed up to see how my pet and I were doing! To be honest, I'm a pretty tough customer and can be very hard to please, but choosing Healthy Paws as my pet's insurer has been nothing but a very pleasant experience. I can't recommend them enough.

A customer for life
Paul - 3/27/2015
These company is great. I had to make a claim within two months of signing up. Once Healthy Paws received and reviewed the claim, the check was in the mail within a week. I will be with Healthy Paws a long time as they've proven their commitment to deliver when needed.

A financial lifesaver
Brandon - 3/23/2015
After having our adopted kitten for less than a year, he came down with a near death fever. With Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, it was easy to say yes to whatever the vet needed to do to bring him back to life. We submitted over $4k in claims to Healthy Paws and in less than 2 weeks we were reimbursed. So amazing!!! We'd highly recommend Healthy Paws to everyone as this allowed us to bring our baby back and keep my fiancé happy without breaking the bank.

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* Lifetime customer satisfaction rating at PetInsuranceReview.com