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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best customer service and best pet insurance plan in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Pet Insurance Review, The Seattle Times, Angie's List, Los Angeles Times, and Consumers Advocate.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - May 2016*.

Makes bills one less thing to worry about
Deepak - 5/11/2016
Thank you Healthy Paws!!!! Our 1 yr old pup was suffering from some sort of tummy pain (later determined as HGE) and was not eating well for a couple of days, before starting to throw up blood. We had to rush her into emergency as our regular vet had a power outage. The bill estimate came out to me more than $1,500. If I did not have Healthy Paws, I would have struggled to pay the vet bill for our pup. I used the Healthy Paws phone app to submit the claims (super easy!), and within 2 days, all claims were completed. Other than helping me give my pup the best care required, they also sent me a follow up email to ensure she was doing good. This is what customer service should be all about. This is what a customer first company should feel like! ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws spells relief!
Carol - 5/3/2016
After exhaustive research I settled on Healthy Paws. Last week my dog, Maxx, developed bloat, which is a dire emergency. I filed my claim by taking a picture of the bill with my phone and hit "submit." Really! That was it! I could go back to focusing on my dog's health. Within 24 hours I not only received notice via email that they were processing the claim, but that was soon followed by a detailed and easy to understand explanation of benefits. Healthy Paws gives me the peace of mind that if a crisis hits with my pet at a time when I might not be in a good financial place to deal with it, I can relax and focus on his care. Best thing? They paid exactly what I expected. No excuses or hidden clauses. I want this insurance for myself!! ... Read More + Read More
Fast, efficient claims processing
Alex - 4/24/2016
This company is SO much better than my own human health insurance. My dog blew out both of her ACL's, adding up to about $6,500 for the first surgery (second leg we'll be doing after this one heals). They covered my claim exactly like they said they would. No shady 'exclusions', no burying the claim in piles of unnecessary paperwork, no weird loopholes. I just used the app to send in the invoices and they paid it in less than a week. I'm speechless at how easy that was. If you don't have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance yet, get it. If I hadn't gotten it when I did I don't know what we would have done. No way I can afford a total of about $12,000 in bills on my own. ... Read More + Read More
I wish human health insurance was like Healthy Paws
Cassidy - 4/16/2016
I have all six of my pets insured with Healthy Paws. (Two dogs, four cats; I'm a veterinary nurse, so pets happen!) My oldest cat, Keats, recently developed a small mass on the bottom of one of his paws. When the pathology report came back recommending an oncology consult, I knew that I would be submitting my first claim to Healthy Paws. The following day he saw the oncologist, and then had a second surgery at the specialty clinic. Within a day of submitting my claim, Healthy Paws issued my reimbursement check! The process could not have been simpler and the people at Healthy Paws could not have been lovelier. I am so grateful that Healthy Paws allows me to choose the best course of treatment for my beloved pets without the added stress of financial concerns. ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws is wonderful
Mary - 4/9/2016
Healthy Paws has been so wonderful! Shortly after signing up our doggy got very sick. Healthy Paws was there every step of the way. It is so nice knowing that we can get our girl the best care and not worry about it breaking the bank. Healthy Paws has even reached out to us asking how she is doing. What other pet insurance company would take the time to check on your dog?! It touched our hearts that they truly care. We couldn't of asked for a better company to have our back when it comes to our doggies well-being! ... Read More + Read More
A trustworthy and dependable pet insurance company
Nancy - 4/1/2016
When a loved pet suffers a sudden illness, it's stressful enough dealing with their surgery and navigating through needed treatments and specialists. Having a pet health insurance company that is professional, supportive and positively responsive, makes for an easier and less anxious experience. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is just that; a professional group of caring and responsible individuals whose primary emphasis is the well being of your pet. I feel fortunate to be enrolled with this distinguished group. ... Read More + Read More
Amazing Company, great customer service
Nancy - 3/24/2016
I would not choose any other pet insurance other than Healthy Paws. In comparing pet insurance companies, Healthy Paws has an annual deductible and other pet insurance plans are per condition, illness or accident. Being an insurance underwriter I saw that as quite a difference in coverage for the better. When our Riley ate something he should not have, they paid our claim within 5 days of me submitting it!… Thank you, Healthy Paws for being there for us when we needed it.  It was so comforting, while waiting for the vet to give us a prognosis on Riley that we knew you would be there to help pay the expenses after he was treated. ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws - with us all the way!
Nicole - 3/14/2016
We purchased pet insurance for our Cattle Dog Kona within a few months of getting her. Unfortunately, we had to use our insurance for a horrific accident that left her with a broken vertebrae and spinal damage/motor impairment. Healthy Paws has been there through surgery, medications, overnight stays and post operative care, including rehab. Healthy Paws' online claims submission is quick and easy. Not to mention, when you send an e-mail or ask a question you get a timely answer from their helpful staff - not a runaround. Thank you again and again Healthy Paws for helping us get our baby girl healthy and active! ... Read More + Read More
Very thankful for Healthy Paws!
Alison - 3/7/2016
Our sweet Golden Retriever mix has had a string of bad luck! Two ACL tears within a few months apart! We are so thankful that we have Healthy Paws Pet Insurance...as these are quite expensive surgeries that also require follow up care and rehabilitation. Knowing that we have Healthy Paws insurance eases the burden of vet bills, frees us up to focus on our pet’s recovery and to get her the best care possible. Thanks to Healthy Paws for making the claims process so easy! ... Read More + Read More
Worth every penny
Alisa - 2/29/2016
I cannot say enough positive things about Healthy Paws pet insurance. Their service is so easy to use. You take a picture of the invoice with your phone and it submits directly to them through the app. I received an email within 24 hours that it was being processed and another that a check was on the way within 72 hours of the illness. I have never used pet insurance prior to my current dog, but it has been worth every penny. I have more than made back the cost of the premium every single year. Healthy Paws even have followed up with us to make sure that he is recovering and well. This is a fabulous service! It should be this easy with people! ... Read More + Read More
Insurance that is easy to use
Lauren - 2/22/2016
I am thrilled with Healthy Paws! If only my people health insurance were this easy to use - just snap a photo of your bill and submit via their smartphone app! My pup had two unexpected illnesses and the claims were processed quickly and courteously. I spent a lot of time researching the various Pet insurance companies and I'm so happy I choose Healthy Paws! ... Read More + Read More
Best decision for my puppy
Julia - 2/15/2016
I count my blessings every day that I enrolled with Healthy Paws when Huxley was a young puppy, never knowing that he would face major leg deformities when he grew. Without this surgery he would face a potentially short and painful life. Thank you so much for the easy and quick claim process. I recommend you to every single one of my pet owner friends. ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws saved my baby's life
Carmen - 2/8/2016
My dog got hit by a car and required back surgery in order to walk again. Without Healthy Paws I wouldn't have been able to afford her the care she needed. If you have a pet, don't hesitate to make the minimal monthly contribution to insure their health. A life-changing accident or illness becomes a lesson in hope instead of tragedy with Healthy Paws on your side. Not only is filing a claim quick and easy, but their customer service communicates on a personal level and makes working with them seem like you're dealing with a friend. ... Read More + Read More

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