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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best pet insurance plan and customer service in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Pet Insurance Review, The Seattle Times, Angie's List, Los Angeles Times, and Consumers Advocate.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - February 2015*.

Thank you Healthy Paws!
Katherine - 2/2/2015
We have had Healthy Paws insurance for our 5 year old adopted dog for years now and it's been a wonderful service the entire time!… Healthy Paws has made it a "no brainer" to get our dog the care she needs when she's sick because so much of the cost of care is covered by their insurance. Plus, filing claims is easy and reimbursement is quick. We did our research before choosing a pet insurance company and we have no doubt that we chose the best.

Great insurance, quick claims handling
Virginia - 1/28/2015
My cat was 10 months old when she suddenly started vomiting. Because I had Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, I was able to have the peace of mind to say "yes" to the tests my veterinarian thought Bubbles needed to find out why she was vomiting without having to worry about the finances… Less than a week after I submitted my final paperwork for the claim, Healthy Paws had sent my reimbursement check. A few days later, I received a personal e-mail from Healthy Paws asking how my cat was doing! I was blown away by that personal touch and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for pet insurance.

The best pet insurance out there!
Kelli - 1/27/2015
I have been a Healthy Paws customer since August 2014 and couldn't be happier! Just recently my black lab puppy has gone through a bout of unfortunate accidents along with an infection that just won't go away. The vet visits have been frequent and expensive at times and I am just blown away at how fast Healthy Paws processes my invoices! They really do check in on your pets and are the best pet insurance out there. Can't say enough positive things about their caring team! Thank you Healthy Paws!

Healthy Paws is amazing!
Hailey - 1/26/2015
Healthy Paws is amazing! We got our 3 year old pit mix covered and within 3 months of having the insurance she tore cruciate ligaments in both legs! I submitted the claim at 4pm on a Friday night and by Saturday at 3pm we got the email that they were processing and completing the claim… Healthy Paws saved our dogs life to be honest. Best decision our family has ever made. Forever grateful!

Excellent peace of mind
Sharon - 1/25/2015
My dog had a sudden, critical illness that required more than one hospitalization through urgent care. Having Healthy Paws gave me the peace of mind that I would have assistance with managing this sudden, unexpected expense. My experience with their customer service and claims process could not have been better. Healthy Paws staff are courteous, prompt and genuinely interested in the health of your pet.

Healthy Paws cares about our pets!
Michelle - 1/21/2015
My 3 year old Lab recently was hospitalized for a foreign body, requiring a 5 day stay in the hospital. When I picked him up, I used the Healthy Paws Mobile App to submit the claim. The claim was processed and a check was in the mail before I arrived at my home 1 hour later! A few days later I received an email from their customer care team checking on Enzo. I cannot say enough about the high quality of the Healthy Paws organization. From excellent reimbursement to first rate customer care, I refer all my friends and clients to Healthy Paws for their pets.

Healthy Paws crushes the competition
Cindy - 1/17/2015
Healthy Paws is amazing. We purchased a plan after getting a new puppy and it was the best decision I've ever made!! She ended up with 3 separate health issues during her first year of life. Filing a claim was easy and straight forward with quick payment and no headaches. I've had other pet insurance in the past and Healthy Paws crushes the competition. Thank you!!! You've been a lifesaver.

From a veterinarian to you - get Healthy Paws!
Taylor T., DVM - 1/6/2015
As a veterinarian and the mother of a spoiled dog, I can't recommend enough the value of Healthy Paws. I've seen it help my clients and patients through some potentially difficult times, and as a dog owner it helped me when I needed the help the most. I've researched and compared numerous pet insurance companies, and Healthy Paws is the best for value, customer service, and satisfaction amongst my clients and myself. It's a must have for any pet parent!

Healthy Paws is awesome!
Alex - 1/3/2015
Healthy Paws is awesome! Finally a pet insurance company that is straight forward about submitting claims and has outstanding customer service. Their IPhone app is awesome - makes submitting claims so easy and painless. I had an ER visit with my pet on New Years Eve and submitted my claim New Years day within their app. I received my check from Healthy Paws in 4 days! Their customer service sends a clear message that this company is passionate about their clients and the pets they are protecting. I highly recommend, and want to express my appreciation to Healthy Paws for truly caring about their customers

Awesome service
Lori - 1/2/2015
I purchased Healthy Paws insurance for my pug in August. In November, she needed to have major upper respiratory surgery which cost $1500. This was my first claim and the filing process was so simple. Each email interaction with the Healthy Paws rep was quick and efficient. They always let me know where we were in the process... I am very impressed by this organization and will recommend to everyone looking to purchase pet insurance. There is comfort in knowing that whatever health issues come our way, our pug will be able to receive the best care possible because of the coverage from Healthy Paws.

They genuinely care
Meagin - 1/1/2015
When my baby boy Frost got sick it was such an amazing relief to know that with Healthy Paws I could get him the help he needed and not fall behind on my bills at the same time. When I called in about his claim I spoke with some of the nicest ladies - they genuinely cared about my dog and helped me with things that they didn't have to. It meant so much to our family to have this amazing group of people looking out for us so that we were able to completely focus on getting Frost healthy again…

Healthy Paws is a superb organization
Jessica - 12/30/2014
We submitted our claim through the Healthy Paws IPhone app (it's really easy to do) and the claim was processed very quickly. A rep from Healthy Paws even reached out to us and sent Murray well wishes and hugs on behalf of the company. We are really happy with Healthy Paws and highly recommend them as your pet insurance company (they are truly superb).

Excellent service
Holly - 12/28/2014
Because I chose Healthy Paws I was able to give my buddy the medical care he needed. My experience with the company was so easy and hassle free that I still can't believe it. Furthermore, Healthy Paws should be leading seminars on customer service - they are exceptional!

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* Lifetime customer satisfaction rating at PetInsuranceReview.com