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Customer Reviews
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from our customers posted on Pet Insurance Review, the leading objective review site for pet insurance policy holders. Healthy Paws' lifetime customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - March 2014.
Customer Reviews
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Service Was Above and Beyond What I Expected!
I have a Siberian Husky puppy named Mal, like Malcolm. I came home one day to a puppy that was very ill. He seemed dizzy and disoriented. Watching him constantly throw himself in the snow and trip over himself was nerve wracking to say the least. Although he's all better now, the vets never were able to determine what the problem was. I felt super helpless. Having to deal with the fact that Mal was about to undergo all sorts of tests and exams on top of spending his first nights away from home was super difficult. How was I supposed to deal with billing departments, faxes, emails and multiple invoices??? So I call Healthy Paws. The first thing I noticed was how extremely helpful and friendly the entire staff behaved with me. Read more…
out of 10
Healthy Paws is the BEST!
My 2 1/2 year old Sheltie puppy has had two major surgeries. The process of submitting a claim is very easy and fast. It is also convenient to have a choice in how to submit an invoice (I find it quickest to submit via email). I also like how I can log into my account to print out a customized claim form. Healthy Paws re-reimbursement process is FAST!!!! Read more…
Tom L.
out of 10
Thank you Healthy Paws!
I purchased Healthy Paws insurance immediately after getting my puppy, Madison. I was unsure if the expense of pet insurance would be worth it (i.e., I figured Madison would never need services that would justify the expense of the insurance premiums), but I felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, when Madison was 6 months old, she had to have emergency surgery. Thankfully I have Healthy Paws and the decision to move forward and pay for the expensive surgery and hospital stay was easy. Read more…
out of 10
Best Pet Decision Yet
After reviewing multiple policies, Healthy Paws appeared to have the best user satisfaction as well as the best coverage. I was so, SO right! I've had to take my little guy in for gastroenteritis three times now, each time performing various diagnostics to ensure that there wasn't a deeper issue. As soon as my vet faxed the claims to Healthy Paws (we're talking minutes here) I received a confirmation email indicating that the claim had been received. Read more…
James I.
out of 10
Healthy Paws embodies the best in pet insurance
Rocco is a typical, very healthy 70-pound Bracco Italiano puppy. Like all of us, medical issues come up and I wanted to be sure from his earliest puppyhood that we would be protected against "major vet expenses" in the event of a catastrophic accident or such. Thank G-d, this has not occurred but I know Healthy Paws will be there for us should we need them. How do I know this? Because each and every minor medical issue that Rocco has had, HealthyPaws has been there with us. They are extremely well organized and claims are processed nearly immediately, usually within 24 hours. I couldn't be happier with my choice and already have friends who have chosen Healthy Paws at our recommendation! Read more…
Video Testimonials
Lacy & Roscoe
Lacy rescued Roscoe from a Seattle adoption group as a puppy. When he was hit by a car at ten months old she didn't have pet insurance and had to pay for everything herself. She just signed Roscoe up for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance because you never know what can happen next, and she could've saved herself almost $7,000 if Roscoe had been covered when he was in that car accident.
Terri & Grim
Terri is the executive director of Homeward Pet Adoption Center and has her boy, Grim, insured with Healthy Paws. Through her pet adoption group, she sees firsthand how Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation gives back to adoption groups across the country - and how much we care about keeping pets happy and healthy.
Selina & Gracie
Selina has insured her pets with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance because she knows how expensive veterinary bills can cost. It took a $1,000 vet visit to send her looking for pet insurance, and now she's glad that Gracie and all her other pets are protected. All of her pets are adopted, so she loves that Healthy Paws is passionate about working with local nonprofit adoption groups across the country.
Brad & Hogan
Hogan is Brad's little buddy. He's had him since Hogan was five and a half weeks old and wanted to make sure he shopped around before signing him up for pet insurance. After doing a lot of research, Brad chose Healthy Paws because of our transparency and easy-to-understand pet insurance dog health plan.
Stacy & Felix
Stacy wanted to be sure that she didn't have to worry about facing unexpected veterinary bills and making any "tough decisions." She comforted in knowing that Felix is covered by Healthy Paws for any accident or illness.
Michael & Bambi
To Michael, buying pet insurance just makes sense. He insured his 4-month-old French Bulldog, Bambi, because he knows that veterinary bills can add up. Michael also likes the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that his pet is covered by Healthy Paws no matter what happens.
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