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What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition means that the condition first occurred or showed clinical signs or symptoms (there doesn't need to be a diagnosis) before your pet's coverage started (including waiting periods). Our pet insurance protects you against future conditions, and unfortunately no pet insurance company can cover pre-existing conditions.

At Healthy Paws, identifying a pre-existing condition is simple! If it's an accident, illness or injury and the symptoms didn't occur before enrollment, you're covered.

Here are some of examples of how pre-existing conditions work:

  • Example 1: Your dog has been itchy ever since you adopted her from the shelter. Over the past month she's been in several times to see her veterinarian for her itchy skin, loss of fur, hot spots and ear infections. Your veterinarian is treating the symptoms, but has not diagnosed the condition yet.

    The cost of the treatment is becoming more expensive, so you decide to enroll her in pet insurance. A couple of months later your dog has another flare-up of itchy skin and you take her to see her veterinarian, who diagnoses her condition as allergies and prescribes additional medication.

    Allergies would be considered pre-existing, since the clinical signs and symptoms of the condition were noted before enrollment.

  • Example 2: Your cat was seen for a urinary tract infection (UTI) one year ago. The urinalysis showed bacteria and crystals. Your veterinarian treated the condition with antibiotics and placed him on a special diet.

    Your cat is back to normal and you decide to enroll in pet insurance. During the 15-day waiting period, your cat begins showing signs of a UTI and you take him to see your veterinarian.

    A UTI would be considered pre-existing because your cat was treated for the same condition one year ago, and the clinical signs and symptoms of this condition started during the 15-day waiting period.

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