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Customer Reviews
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from our customers posted on Pet Insurance Review, the leading objective review site for pet insurance policy holders. Healthy Paws' lifetime customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - April 2014.
Customer Reviews
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Definitely choose Healthy Paws!
We purchased Healthy Paws Pet Insurance after doing some research into plans and reading reviews online. Our beagle is 11 and as he has a voracious appetite for things which are bad for him, so we thought it would be a good idea. And boy was it! Recently, he became ill and we had to take him to our regular vet, the emergency vet, and finally an internist, and those visits together were about $1500. Read more…
out of 10
Best decision I ever made!
My husband thought I was nuts getting health insurance for the dog, but I have to give a huge shout out to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. I joined a few months back and low and behold, last month my Lab tore his ACL and had a very expensive surgery last week. I am so happy I made that decision!!! I received the reimbursement check within days of submitting. I highly recommend Healthy Paws. Read more…
out of 10
Awesome pet insurance
I have had Healthy Paws for my two Sphynx for almost 3 years. Niles has HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)/ SAM (Systolic anterior motion) of the mitral valve. Healthy Paws covers Niles scans which are about $250 every year(previously 2-3x/year when first diagnosed), as well as his twice daily heart medicine. I rest assured knowing his medical expenses will not strain me as I know Healthy Paws will take care of him. Read more…
Rhonda J.
out of 10
Healthy Paws insurance came through for my pup!
My 14-month-old corgi had to have emergency surgery for an intestinal obstruction (chewed up ball). I'm so glad I decided to buy pet insurance when we first got him. I had previous bad financial experiences and you never need that when you're going through hard times with your pet. I hoped that Healthy Paws would come through and they were great! Read more…
out of 10
More than insurance, Healthy Paws cares!
After researching many reviews and options, we decided nearly a year ago to give Healthy Paws a try for our new puppy. The plan was affordable, no crazy exclusions, and offers a high reimbursement level. We wanted to make sure our puppy would be covered in case anything would happen. Let's be honest, pets are family. You wouldn't let a human member of the family just suffer if something was wrong, right? We have had 3 claims in the last year due to our pup being a little sick, all unrelated issues. The most recent claim was last week, when out dog had aspirated on her own vomit. We rushed her to the vet, where she was listed as steady, but had to remain at the vet for 3 days to treat her beginning pneumonia caused by the aspiration. Her bill came to $600 and again we were so thankful we had Healthy Paws to cover nearly all the cost. We are happy and thrilled that we don't have to play the waiting game with her health because of costly vet bills. Read more…
Video Testimonials
Lacy & Roscoe
Lacy rescued Roscoe from a Seattle adoption group as a puppy. When he was hit by a car at ten months old she didn't have pet insurance and had to pay for everything herself. She just signed Roscoe up for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance because you never know what can happen next, and she could've saved herself almost $7,000 if Roscoe had been covered when he was in that car accident.
Terri & Grim
Terri is the executive director of Homeward Pet Adoption Center and has her boy, Grim, insured with Healthy Paws. Through her pet adoption group, she sees firsthand how Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation gives back to adoption groups across the country - and how much we care about keeping pets happy and healthy.
Selina & Gracie
Selina has insured her pets with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance because she knows how expensive veterinary bills can cost. It took a $1,000 vet visit to send her looking for pet insurance, and now she's glad that Gracie and all her other pets are protected. All of her pets are adopted, so she loves that Healthy Paws is passionate about working with local nonprofit adoption groups across the country.
Brad & Hogan
Hogan is Brad's little buddy. He's had him since Hogan was five and a half weeks old and wanted to make sure he shopped around before signing him up for pet insurance. After doing a lot of research, Brad chose Healthy Paws because of our transparency and easy-to-understand pet insurance dog health plan.
Stacy & Felix
Stacy wanted to be sure that she didn't have to worry about facing unexpected veterinary bills and making any "tough decisions." She comforted in knowing that Felix is covered by Healthy Paws for any accident or illness.
Michael & Bambi
To Michael, buying pet insurance just makes sense. He insured his 4-month-old French Bulldog, Bambi, because he knows that veterinary bills can add up. Michael also likes the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that his pet is covered by Healthy Paws no matter what happens.
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