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Media and Press

Media and Press

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, which has been #1 customer-rated for the last 7 years*, is a pet insurance provider offering accident and illness coverage for dogs and cats. Here you can find our most recent awards, media coverage, news and press releases.


After examining incident data from more than one million claims filed in 2022, we've identified the most common reasons our dogs and cats visit the vet, and how much pet parents can expect to spend for the latest and best treatments.

Healthy Paws in the News

US News World Logo
Healthy Paws Ranks Best Pet Insurance Company for 2021

U.S. News & World Report compared 19 leading pet insurance companies in May 2021 and rated Healthy Paws the best with a score of 4.3 out of 5. The publication praised Healthy Paws for having competitively priced premiums, no limitations or caps on coverage, and covering breed-specific conditions like hip dysplasia and alternative care such as acupuncture and chiropractic.

The New York Times
More Pet Insurance Policies Are Being Sold. But Are They Worth the Cost?

Rob Jackson, Healthy Paws CEO and co-founder, talks about how pet insurance can save pet parents thousands of dollars in light of new veterinary treatments. Logo
Healthy Paws Ranks #2 for 2021

Top reviews website PetInsuranceReview­.com has analyzed customer ratings of pet insurers for 2021, and the results are out. Healthy Paws earned a second-place ranking with a score of 9.7/10 for overall rating, customer service, and claims process.

Real Simple Logo
6 Ways to Save Money on Pet Costs, According to a Veterinarian

Healthy Paws CEO and co-founder Rob Jackson offers information on the cost of pet insurance when pet parents are looking to buffer the cost of a pet's accident or illness.

Money Magazine Logo
The Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2021

Money Magazine names Healthy Paws their pick for Best Overall Value in pet insurance in June 2021, highlighting that Healthy Paws has no caps on claims and quick reimbursement.

Business Insider Logo
The best pet insurance companies for your beloved cats, dogs, and more

Business Insider names Healthy Paws the runner-up in its best pet insurance overall category.
�Healthy Paws pet insurance earns high marks from customers and covers pets with no per-incident, annual, or lifetime caps. That takes away the financial risk of surgeries, cancer treatments, and other high-cost care,� they write.

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Get an instant quote from Healthy Paws now and take the first step to protect your furry best friend.

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Get an instant quote from Healthy Paws now and take the first step to protect your furry best friend.