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Healthy Paws vs Nationwide

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Compare Healthy Paws and Nationwide Pet Insurance Policies

Nationwide changed their pet insurance brand name from Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) to Nationwide Pet Insurance in 2015. In addition to changing the name, they also made updates to the plans they offer.

When comparing Healthy Paws to Nationwide, pet parents should seriously consider the company's numerous coverage restrictions and complicated plan choices.

What to Consider Healthy Paws Nationwide
No limits on any plans: no per-incident, annual or lifetime caps on payouts.
No restrictions on hereditary and congenital conditions.1
No claims form needed. Simply upload a photo of the vet bill instead.
Reimbursed on actual vet bill Depends on plan
Customer Rating at 9.8 8.5
   Included            Not included or some exclusions

Hereditary and Congenital Coverage Restrictions
Nationwide's plans are complicated, to say the least. Hereditary and congenital conditions are covered under their more expensive Whole Pet with Wellness plan, and some plans do not cover it at all. In comparison, Healthy Paws has one plan that does not restrict hereditary or congenital coverage.1

Limits on Claim Payouts
While there is no annual limit for the company's most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness, other plans do have annual claim payout limits or per incident payout allowances. Their Major Medical Plan relies on a complicated benefit schedule (instead of reimbursing based on the vet bill), and applies per incident caps, which can leave pet parents responsible for a large vet bill if a serious accident or illness occurs. In some cases, Nationwide's benefit schedule may reduce the payout on a veterinary bill by more than 50%. Healthy Paws claim reimbursement is based on your actual veterinary bill and provides you and your pet with no maximum payout limits; no per incident, annual or lifetime caps!

Customer Service
When you have a complicated pet insurance plan like Nationwide, it makes it that much more difficult to deliver exceptional customer service. Customers simply may not understand what's covered and what's not. Additionally, there are a myriad of downloadable claim forms and an impersonal website to navigate. Healthy Paws allows you to take a quick pic of your vet bill and upload it on our app - and you're done!

Healthy Paws has created an easy-to-understand plan that covers new accidents and illnesses. Our customers agree and have given Healthy Paws the highest rating at Consumers Advocate, Canine Journal, and many more review sites.

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1Healthy Paws includes coverage for hip dysplasia when you enroll your pet before the age of six. It is excluded from coverage if you enroll your pet when they are 6 and older. There is a twelve-month waiting period before coverage takes effect in all states except MD and NH. If signs or symptoms of hip dysplasia are noted by your veterinarian before your enrollment or during the twelve-month waiting period, hip dysplasia will be considered pre-existing and will not be covered.

This information is provided as a helpful pet insurance comparison guide between Healthy Paws and Nationwide. Plans change on occasion and we recommend that all pet parents complete their own research.