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Compare Healthy Paws vs Figo Pet Insurance

When comparing Healthy Paws to Figo Pet Insurance, pet parents should seriously consider Figo's annual payout limits, as well as their lack of industry experience.

What to Consider Healthy Paws Figo
No limits on any plans: no per-incident, annual or lifetime caps on payouts
Customer Rating
9.8 8.0
   Included            Not included or some exclusions

Limits on Claim Payouts
Two of Figo's three plans have annual limits ($10,000 or $14,000). Only their most expensive option has no caps on annual payouts. Healthy Paws provides you and your pet with one simple plan with no maximum payout limits; no per incident, annual or lifetime caps on payouts. If your pet suffers a serious injury or illness, you'll be glad that you coverage doesn't top out. Just watch Atlas's story to see one example of how veterinary bills add up.

Lack of Experience
As a newcomer to the pet insurance market, Figo started off strong but has since started to slip. By contrast, Healthy Paws has been an established insurance provider that actively helps pets for nine years and counting, processing tens of thousands of claims each month, and consistently gets great reviews. Check out Healthy Paws ratings at Consumers Advocate, Canine Journal, and many more review sites.

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This information is provided as a helpful pet insurance comparison guide between Healthy Paws and Hartville. Plans change on occasion and we recommend that all pet parents complete their own research.