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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best customer service and best pet insurance plan in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Pet Insurance Review, The Seattle Times, Angie's List, Los Angeles Times, and Consumers Advocate.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - July 2017*.

Healthy Paws went above and beyond for me
Justin - 7/8/2017
Healthy Paws has been great and I appreciate all of the help I have received. They not only made the initial claim process easy and intuitive, but their customer service was beyond reproach. Their customer service team not only made the process easy, but also took the time to follow up after the procedure was done. The hope is to always have a healthy pet, but when they get sick, Healthy Paws is without a doubt there for you. ... Read More + Read More
We tell everyone to get Healthy Paws!
Lindsay - 6/29/2017
We rave to anyone who will listen how much we love Healthy Paws. To submit a claim, we can take a picture of the receipt and upload it to their mobile app. Claim submitted, done! The review process and time it takes to get the check is faster than I ever thought an insurance company could work; it takes days. We don't have to think twice about taking our dog to the vet or performing procedures due to expenses. Healthy Paws quite literally makes us worry free when it comes to financing whatever our pup needs. ... Read More + Read More
Awesome coverage
Stephanie - 6/15/2017
I rave about Healthy Paws to all of my pet loving friends. I have two pets insured with them and have had some pretty hefty bills. So grateful for their awesome coverage, outstanding customer service and prompt reimbursements. I had a large bill on a Monday and by the following Thursday a reimbursement check was on its way. I couldn’t be happier with the reasonable premiums, terms of coverage and excellent customer service. ... Read More + Read More
Phenomenal customer service
Roberta - 6/1/2017
Phenomenal customer service! We enrolled our pet with Healthy Paws with the hope we would never have to use it, but woke up one morning to him being very ill. A trip to ER, his regular vet and a lot of bills later, Riley has thankfully recovered. The claims process was extraordinarily user friendly and the customer care team couldn't have been easier to deal with. Healthy Paws even sent a follow up subsequent to the finalization of the claim to check in on my little guy! We would recommend Healthy Paws to anyone with pets! ... Read More + Read More
Better than human health insurance
Kate - 5/21/2017
When my dog was hit by a car, I was out of my mind upset. Fortunately, I could agree to every life-saving measure irregardless of cost because of my Healthy Paws coverage. Their claims processing is insanely quick (I always get the reimbursement checks within a week of submitting) and they follow-up on my dog's health with a kind email too. The peace of mind and the substantial help they've already provided me is well worth the monthly cost. ... Read More + Read More
Happy pup, happy owner
Jacki - 5/8/2017
I am so glad I put both of my dogs on Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Their customer service is personable, they’re concerned for your pets well being, timely, and helpful. My pup recently went blind due to cataracts and the surgery was very costly. Having pet insurance made paying for the surgery a possibility, and my dog has regained her sight. She is the happiest I have ever seen her and I am so thankful to have been able to help her. After surgery Healthy Paws quickly turned around the claim and also followed up several times checking on Abby's health. I will insure every pet I ever own with Healthy Paws! ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is AMAZING!
Gerianne - 5/1/2017
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is AWESOME!!! I have never had pet insurance before and thankfully I signed my Rayna up as a puppy. Rayna tore her cruciate at an early age and needed major leg surgery. Healthy Paws has promptly paid every claim. Their claim process is so easy - you take a picture of your vet bill, then from the Healthy Paws app I installed on my phone I hit "new claim", "attach picture" and "submit claim” - that’s it! A week or two later the reimbursement check arrives in my mailbox, no questions asked. Whenever I have had to call with questions, I have received comprehensive answers from their customer care team. I'm not one to post reviews (I'm going to post this on another pet insurance review site), but if you are considering pet insurance, I heartily recommend Healthy Paws! ... Read More + Read More
A caring insurance company
EJ - 4/20/2017
I wish my own health insurance company was as caring and professional as Healthy Paws. Every time I had to submit a claim for my dog they have responded and delivered a quick response/follow up. Claims are easy to submit via their phone app with no red tape or delay. Our pet is part of the family - it’s hard enough to deal with their illness, but adding the worry associated with the high costs of care can make it worse. Having Healthy Paws supporting you on the financial end makes things a whole lot easier! ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws is a lifesaver
Heather - 4/3/2017
I have gone back and forth with my husband on keeping our Healthy Paws policy for our dog. Lo and behold, our dog managed to twist his own spleen, ultimately requiring emergency surgery and a week stay in the hospital. A grand total of a little more than $6,000.00!! Without Healthy Paws, we would not have been able to afford his life saving surgery. After submitting our claims, we received our reimbursement check in a little over one week. Thanks to Healthy Paws, our spunky pup has a second chance at life and we have many more years to love him. ... Read More + Read More

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* Lifetime customer satisfaction rating at PetInsuranceReview.com