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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best customer service and best pet insurance plan in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Canine Journal, Consumers Advocate, Yelp, Pet Insurance Quotes, The Seattle Times, and Angie's List.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - July 2018*.

Fast and easy claims processing
Martha - 7/8/2018
Thanks to our Healthy Paws insurance policy we were able to get cancer treatment for our Bernese Mountain Dog. Filing claims is fast and easy. We received our reimbursements by direct deposit within 10 days of filing every claim! Without this insurance we would not have been able to get our precious girl any treatment. We cannot say enough good things about Healthy Paws! ... Read More + Read More
Best customer service
Aimee - 6/30/2018
Our dog had an unexpected trip to the emergency vet. The staff at Healthy Paws was incredibly nice, knowledgeable and helpful. I was so worried about my girl since she was at the emergency vet for 4 days. The Healthy Paws staff walked me through the process of filing my claim and assisting me with everything. One of the best customer service experiences I have ever had! ... Read More + Read More
An insurance company that cares
Deanna - 6/13/2018
My Dalmatian recently had to be tested for allergies. Throughout the process, Healthy Paws quickly responded to my questions as to what would be covered. Submitting the bill is the easiest thing! Just take a picture with your phone and submit through their app! The best was receiving an email from Healthy Paws the following week. They were just checking to see how my girl was doing. An insurance company that actually cares! Amazing! ... Read More + Read More
Truly a no hassle process
Larry - 6/3/2018
Truly a no hassle process. Healthy Paws has saved us thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses over the 5 years we have been with them. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking first class pet insurance from a company whose customer care team clearly care about your pets. They are remarkable! ... Read More + Read More
Best pet insurance out there
Joanna - 5/21/2018
Best pet insurance out there! I don’t know what I would do without them! Heart illness, unexpected liver issues-because of your coverage I was able to provide services to my Siamese Nikita that I would not be able to otherwise afford! We will always be loyal customers! ... Read More + Read More
Easy claims process
Kim - 5/12/2018
So glad I chose Health Paws. I was able to pick a plan to fit my needs and budget. The claim process is so easy. I just scan/email the invoice and they let me know within a few days the claim status and I have a check a few days after that. On top of that, they truly care about my girls. ... Read More + Read More
Kind and concerned staff
Donna - 5/3/2018
This company is awesome!! They truly care about you and your pet They process claims as quick as 3 days from submission and paid within 5 days of that. Their staff is friendly, kind and concerned for your pet. Many times their team has talked me through tears when my baby girl was sick. I've had them for over 5 years and they will always be my pet insurer. Great company! ... Read More + Read More
Amazing pet insurance
Brett - 4/25/2018
Amazing pet insurance. I recommend them to friends and family. They checked in on our dog when they noticed she was having a lot of medical care. They handle the claims quickly and with no issues. They were easy to contact and cared about my dog’s health just as much as they did paying us back their portion of the claim. I would highly recommend them to anyone. ... Read More + Read More
Quick claims processing
Kelly - 4/15/2018
My dog had emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage. Healthy Paws quickly processed my claims (multiple vet visits) and I was reimbursed within two weeks. My prior experience with a different pet insurance company was terrible and Healthy Paws renewed my faith in pet insurance. ... Read More + Read More
Worth every penny
Nancy - 4/4/2018
Their customer service is excellent and reimbursement is so easy. My dog was in the ER and the vet bill was pretty hefty. I simply submitted my paperwork online and had my reimbursement check within 10 days. I highly recommend Healthy Paws coverage - it’s worth every penny. ... Read More + Read More
Best pet insurance out there
Marjorie - 3/25/2018
Healthy Paws is the best insurance out there. They go beyond just a regular insurance company, they actually care! I didn't experience any problems when submitting a claim. It was a smooth process and their follow ups on my pet's health were much appreciated. This is a company that I will recommend and stay with for a long time. ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws is fantastic
Jeff - 3/13/2018
We got Healthy Paws right after we got our Boston puppy, Leonard, about 18 months ago. Their app is simple and easy to use and filing claims is seamless. Recently Lenny started having seizures and had overnight stays, tests, MRI’s, more tests and prescription meds. Healthy Paws customer care was fantastic and they saved us thousands of dollars. We are lucky to have their service and Lenny's life is better for it. I highly recommend. ... Read More + Read More
Professional and compassionate service
Brian - 3/2/2018
We have used Healthy Paws for both of our Goldens and have had nothing but professional and compassionate service from them. Their app is super user friendly and easy to use. Recently, our boy Dakota had major emergency surgery for ingesting a toy which ended up getting stuck in his intestine. Healthy Paws did exactly what their service states and reimbursed us quickly... Way to go Healthy Paws for making a tough and emotional situation much easier! ... Read More + Read More

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* Lifetime customer satisfaction rating at ConsumersAdvocate.org