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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best customer service and best pet insurance plan in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Canine Journal, Consumers Advocate, Yelp, Pet Insurance Quotes, The Seattle Times, and Angie's List.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - May 2022*.

Timely claims processing
Beth - 4/27/2022
I recently switched pet insurance providers to Healthy Paws and my dog just needed major surgery. The customer care team was great in walking me through the process and ensuring timely processing of my claim. Highly recommend Healthy Paws. ... Read More + Read More
Peace of mind
Madison - 4/12/2022
Healthy Paws helped us so much when we needed to take our dog to the ER vet. It made our decision so much easier to get our dog the care she needed, even though we were quoted a couple thousand dollars... Submitting claims is easy. Claims were processed within 2 days. Highly recommend for any pet owner! ... Read More + Read More
Highly Recommend Healthy Paws
John - 3/28/2022
So glad I took out insurance through Healthy Paws. Blu suffered torn knee ligaments in both knees several months apart. Healthy Paws handled my claims without any problems or issues. The claims were approved, and checks mailed very quickly. I highly recommend Healthy Paws. ... Read More + Read More
This insurance is fantastic
gjanovsky - 3/12/2022
My dog started having tummy issues which required vet visits, tests, etc. This all added up to thousands of dollars in bills that I would not have been able to afford without Healthy Paws. Submitting my claims was easy and reimbursements were completed in a timely manner. Couldn't be happier! ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws rocks!
Devan - 2/23/2022
My dog is 6 years old and has had a Healthy Paws policy his whole life. We've had to file several claims over his life, a couple of them being substantial because of surgery… Just having peace of mind knowing my dog can get medical care without having to worry about extensive bills is beyond wonderful. ... Read More + Read More
The best!
gerberdaisy7 - 2/10/2022
Look no further! Healthy Paws made a major leg surgery on our pet a piece of cake… Our dog is happy and healing. Their phone app is easy to use and they have wonderful customer service. Thanks Healthy Paws! ... Read More + Read More
Best investment I have ever made
Jonathan - 1/20/2022
Quite simply the "best investment" I have ever made… Because of Healthy Paws, we just worry about our pup getting better, not if we can afford getting him the medically necessary care he needs. I cannot recommend Healthy Paws highly enough. ... Read More + Read More
Everyone who owns a pet should have Healthy Paws
Stuart - 12/27/2021
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has been an excellent company to use for our pet. Their customer service very responsive, very easy to file claims, and we were quick to get reimbursement. ... Read More + Read More
Great service and support
Ben - 12/17/2021
Healthy Paws has been wonderful. Submitting claims is easy and their coverage is clearly outlined. Their customer care team even sent a kind, personalized note checking in on our pup when she had several vet trips! ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws is the best--so grateful
CJ - 11/29/2021
Healthy Paws has been so supportive of my dog and I through multiple difficult medical experiences! Both times it made the biggest difference between the care I was able to give my dog and the ease with which I was able to make good decisions for him. Healthy Paws made these stressful times immeasurably less difficult knowing we were financially covered. ... Read More + Read More
Excellent customer service
Barb - 11/12/2021
Healthy Paws has helped our dog with his unexpected health issues. They always respond quickly to our claims. Their phone staff and customer care team is excellent. ... Read More + Read More
Best pet Insurance I've had
natali - 10/24/2021
I highly recommend Healthy Paws! They are VERY fast at processing claims and your reimbursement… I accept the cost of having a pet, it’s the unexpected costs that can catch you off guard. Having pet insurance is a way to make sure your beloved pet can get the best care possible, because you know the cost will only be a fraction of the total with Healthy Paws. ... Read More + Read More
Less stress due to unforeseen vet bills
Daniel - 10/5/2021
Our dog suddenly lost function of his rear legs and needed emergency surgery. Having Healthy Paws made worrying about the unforeseen financial impact a non issue. Very easy platform to use with the app, take picture of the invoice and 2 days later direct deposit for covered amount into our account. No hoops to jump through or typical insurance claim problems. ... Read More + Read More

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