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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Our mission is to provide you and your pet with the best customer service and best pet insurance plan in the country.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our pet health plan by rating us the best pet insurance at leading consumer and news websites like Canine Journal, Consumers Advocate, Yelp, Pet Insurance Quotes, The Seattle Times, and Angie's List.

Our customer satisfaction rating is
9.8 out of 10 - July 2019*.

Peace of mind with Healthy Paws
Carol - 7/9/2019
This company is absolutely wonderful! I have my two german shepherds insured and they both had serious illnesses two weeks apart. I was reimbursed by Healthy Paws for over $7,000.00! There is such peace of mind knowing that we can treat our dogs' medical conditions without the worry of severe financial strain. ... Read More + Read More
Fantastic Service
Jeffrey - 6/26/2019
Our 2 year old Shih-Tzu just had to have major surgery for a bowel obstruction. Healthy Paws customer care team reviewed our claim & had it paid in less than two weeks. I have worked in the (people) insurance business for over 40 years so I know a thing or two about settling claims. Their service is fantastic! ... Read More + Read More
Beyond satisfied
Bonnie - 6/4/2019
I am beyond satisfied and grateful to Healthy Paws. They have come through for me whenever I have had a health issue with my dog. Their customer service reps are kind and friendly. The claims process is quick, easy to navigate and I always get reimbursed quickly... So glad I did my research and picked Healthy Paws for my pooch! ... Read More + Read More
Quick claims processing
Elizabeth - 5/24/2019
Recently our dog had to undergo an unanticipated surgery. While our concern and focus was on her recovery and rehabilitation, the team at Healthy Paws quickly reviewed our claims and kept in contact regarding her well being. It has been a relief to work with people who are friendly, responsive and compassionate to our family member. I"m thankful we choose Healthy Paws as our partners in Roxy’s healthcare! ... Read More + Read More
Thrilled with Healthy Paws
Rosie - 5/10/2019
My husband and I could not be more pleased. We are very sensitive to customer service and Healthy Paws exceeded our expectations. Not only were the claims super easy to file, we got our reimbursement checks fairly quickly. Our dog had a serious surgery that was expensive and Healthy Paws had our back the entire time. ... Read More + Read More
Truly been a life saver
Ginny - 5/3/2019
Healthy Paws is top notch. My dog has always been healthy until recently. It’s been one thing after another with numerous and costly vet visits. He’s had x-rays, multiple blood work-ups, an ultrasound and even eye surgery. It’s very stressful to go through this with my beloved animal but Healthy Paws took that financial worry away. ... Read More + Read More
There when you need them!
Erica - 4/25/2019
I tell everyone I know that Healthy Paws is more than just an insurance company, they are like extended family. The monthly premiums are affordable and even if you go years without ever needing to file a claim, all it takes is one accident or illness in your pet's life and the policy will more than pay for itself… Their easy claims process and no BS reimbursement makes it easy to seek care for my pets, even when I know it's going to be expensive. ... Read More + Read More
Quick and stress free claims processing
Amy - 4/9/2019
Healthy Paws processing our claims accurately, quickly and stress free was so comforting during our Zula's sickness. They took care of the financial stress while we could focus on taking care of our furry friend. ... Read More + Read More
Great coverage at a great price
Janet - 4/2/2019
Healthy Paws provides great coverage at a great price and the customer service is second to none. Claims are easy to submit and reimbursement is lightning fast. There is always a friendly voice on the phone if you call with a question. With Healthy Paws, you can concentrate on helping your sick or injured pet without worrying about vet bills or when you’ll be reimbursed. ... Read More + Read More
Healthy Paws equals peace of mind
Sarah - 3/23/2019
If I could give Healthy Paws more then 5 stars, I absolutely would. They have continued to be there for me and my dog Larry since day one. With every claim, I know I have Healthy Paws there to take away any financial stress of veterinary care. I've never felt any limitation to giving Larry the best possible care because of Healthy Paws. ... Read More + Read More
Easy claims process
LB - 3/6/2019
Our young kitty recently ate a whole mouse toy and had to have surgery. I was pleased that the Healthy Paws claim process was so easy. Our baby is fine now and has promised never to do this again! Very impressed that Healthy Paws followed up after the surgery to check on our baby! ... Read More + Read More
Great coverage and quick reimbursement
Nicole - 2/25/2019
Beyond glad we chose Healthy Paws as our pup took a tumble at doggy daycare and fractured his elbow. We submitted the claims via the Healthy Paws phone app and were reimbursed within the week! We couldn’t be happier with the quick turnaround, their customer support when we called with questions. Most importantly, they saved us over $4,000 in out of pocket expenses! ... Read More + Read More
Best care for our pup
Celia - 2/18/2019
Signing up with Healthy Paws was the best decision we could have made for our pup who has had a lot of health issues. In each case, Healthy Paws has covered these expenses and lived up to their policy. It’s so easy to use their app to submit claims. They process the claims quickly and can submit your reimbursement directly to your bank account. I can honestly say without Healthy Paws we couldn’t have afforded to give our dog the care he needs! ... Read More + Read More

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