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With every quote, we'll donate towards
a homeless pet's medical care!

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Giving Back to Homeless Pets

With your free quote, you give medical care to a homeless pet in need. And with your enrollment, you join our movement to help the millions of homeless pets have a happier, healthier tomorrow!

Every Quote Gives Hope™
We wanted to address the fundamental need of pet medical care by creating the Healthy Paws Foundation's Every Quote Gives Hope™ program. The simple act of getting a free pet insurance quote from Healthy Paws results in a donation towards a homeless pet's medical care. We deliver that care by making cash grants to pet adoption organizations specifically for life-saving vaccines, spay/neuter surgeries, and advanced medical treatments.

Get an instant quote now and take the first step to protect your furry best friend.

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Top-Rated Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation covers your pet from head to paw. Our pet health insurance plan pays up to 90% of your veterinary bill and covers injuries, illnesses, emergencies, genetic conditions and much more.

If your pet needs treatment for an accident or illness (except pre-existing conditions), you're covered. It's that simple. One Plan. Four Paws. All Covered™!

Tennis Ball

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance plan coverage has no caps on payouts.

If your pet needs treatment for a new accident or illness (except pre-existing conditions or as otherwise excluded under the policy), your pet's veterinary bills will be eligible for coverage.

Reimbursement up to 90% on vet bills, with no caps on per-incident, annual, or lifetime payouts.
View Conditions Glossary for more on individual conditions

What is a pre-existing condition?
A pre-existing condition means that the condition first occurred or showed clinical signs or symptoms (there doesn't need to be a diagnosis) before your pet's coverage started, including waiting periods. Healthy Paws excludes pre-existing conditions from coverage as do all pet insurance companies.

What is not covered?
We are all about protecting your cat or dog from the unexpected and you from the financial problems their treatment may cause. Our pet insurance plan doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, the examination fee, or preventative care, such as annual check-ups, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures and teeth cleaning. For more information, see our complete list of exclusions.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Max Loves his teddy bear. But if his love for his teddy bear literally becomes all consuming, it could cost $3,250. With Healthy Paws, Max can receive the best medical care by visting any licensed veterinarian, including emergency hospitals.

  • Total Vet Cost
  • Healthy Paws Pays*
Ingesting A Foreign Object $3,250 $2,757

Did you know Healthy Paws covers emergency care at no extra cost? Get a free quote.

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Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier with Healthy Paws Dog Insurance
"Healthy Paws Pet Insurance far exceeds my expectations. Sam is my world and Healthy Paws loves her as much as I do."

- Terry on

Pet Insurance - From Puppies and Kittens to Senior Pets

Whether your pet gets into mischief that lands them in the emergency room or they develop a disease later in life that takes you both by surprise, their medical care can cost you at any point.

Pets Up to Five
Younger pets can get sick just as easily as older ones, especially when they are young, rambunctious, and have a tendency to eat things they shouldn't. Insuring your pet early on means they're less likely to have pre-existing conditions that are excluded from coverage.

Protect Your Pet With Healthy Paws

Pets are family and you would do just about anything for them. But if they get sick or hurt, it can cost you thousands of dollars. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance pays up to 90% of your vet bills, so you can give your pet the best care without worrying about the cost.

Pets Six and Older
As pets age, they may be affected by hereditary and congenital conditions, and these treatments could cost you a fortune if you don't have pet insurance. With Healthy Paws you can save up to 90% on vet bills. Pets between the ages of 8 weeks and 14 years are eligible to enroll. Once enrolled, your pet is protected for the lifetime of the policy.

There's no age discrimination when it comes to the unexpected.
Join today and our Healthy Paws Pet Insurance team will be there to protect you and your pet from life's (mis)adventures.

Get an instant quote now and take the first step to protect your furry best friend.

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How Pet Insurance Works

With Healthy Paws, you can visit any licensed veterinarian including the specialists and emergency animal hospitals that can truly make a difference in your pet's care. We even cover alternative care. After enrolling your pet, you will have a short 15-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses and a 12 month waiting period for hip dysplasia1.

Claims. Fast, Easy, Worry Free!
With no more claim forms, we've created the fastest and easiest claim process for our customers. Just send us your veterinary hospital's invoice through our online Customer Center or Healthy Paws Mobile App!

We'll process your claim quickly and send you a reimbursement check. Claims are often processed in just a few days. Of course, if it's your first claim, we'll need your pet's medical records to complete your claim. We may also pre-authorize very expensive treatments (on a case-by-case basis) with your veterinarian hospital to help reduce your upfront burden.

No More Claim Forms!

  • Simply take a picture of your vet bill
  • Submit via computer or mobile app
  • See claims status in real time
  • Most claims are processed within 2 days
Speedy claim payouts for dogs

Our Commitment To Our Customers

The Healthy Paws pet insurance plan is easy to understand, we reimburse quickly, and you can count on us to help, especially when it comes to reducing the stress of caring for a sick pet.

Our commitment is to provide you and your pet with the best customer service and best pet insurance plan in the country. We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our plan and service by giving us a 98% satisfaction rating at Pet Insurance Review!

Cat sitting on a lap
"To say that I'm blown away by this insurance is a complete understatement. Their customer service is incredibly responsive, they are the most affordable in the business, and they process claims super quickly."

- Janet, Brooklyn, NY

Did you know Healthy Paws covers emergency care at no extra cost? Get a free quote.

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*This is an approximate reimbursement based on covered treatments using a 90% reimbursement level and a $100 annual deductible.

1Lifetime hip dysplasia coverage provided at no extra cost when you enroll before the age of 6 (otherwise excluded from coverage).