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  1. No maximum annual or lifetime payouts
  2. Most claims are processed within two days
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Top-Rated Insurance for Dogs and Cats in Wyoming

Being a pet in Wyoming is filled with fun and adventure, but even Wyoming pets have bad days when they aren’t feeling well. As a pet parent, you want to do what’s best for your dog or cat at every stage of life, but it can be hard keeping up with medical bills when unexpected accidents and illnesses happen.

But don’t worry, because Healthy Paws offers pet health insurance plans all throughout the state of Wyoming, including the small towns, remote areas, and the cities of Jackson, Cheyenne, Cody, Casper, Laramie, and Gillette. Here’s how pet insurance works and why you should purchase a policy for your little buddy in the Cowboy State.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers Rate Us #1

Everything we do is driven from our love of animals and our commitment to pet health. We offer one pet insurance plan that covers vet visits for new accidents and illnesses at competitive premiums. Our insurance plan is designed with straightforward and simple terms of coverage.

  • #1 Customer-rated pet health insurance plan for the last 7 years*
  • More than 550,000 pets enrolled**
  • Staff of vet techs & pet parents
  • Flexible premium and deductible options
*View source: October 2023 **As of October 10, 2023
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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Here’s how it was for one Healthy Paws customer: Dayton, WY: “I have had pet insurance with Healthy Paws for 6 years. They have provided the best service and care for my dog. Bear has had 2 TPLO surgeries and OCD surgery on his shoulder plus other problems. They have promptly paid for all his care per policy and covered his rehab care even acupuncture and cold laser. Fantastic company.”
-Alison, Healthy Paws customer

Treatment: Cruciate ligament surgery

Total Vet Cost: $6,000

Healthy Paws reimbursed: $5,300


Speedy Claim Payouts

With no claim forms to fill out when you want to file a claim, we've created a fast and easy claim process for our customers. Just take a photo of your vet bill and submit it through the Healthy Paws mobile app or your online Healthy Paws customer center. It’s that easy!

How it Works - As Easy As 1, 2, 3*

  1. Visit any US licensed veterinarian or emergency clinic.
  2. Take a photo of your veterinarian bill & submit it via our app/website.
  3. Most claims are processed within 2 days.
*When you file your first claim, we will need a copy of your pet’s full medical history, and if we have any questions, we will reach out to you directly.
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No Maximum Limit on Claim Payouts

Healthy Paws plan coverage is provided with no maximum limits on claim payouts; no per-incident, annual or lifetime caps. If your pet needs treatment for a new accident or illness during the plan effective dates, and it’s not a pre-existing condition or otherwise excluded under the policy, your pet’s veterinary bills will be eligible for coverage.

  • 1 straightforward pet insurance policy
  • No costly add-ons
  • Use any licensed veterinarian

What Pet Insurance Covers

Here is what the Healthy Paws plan covers for Wyoming dogs and cats.

  • Illnesses
  • Accidents
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Congenital conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • Cancer
  • Diagnostic treatment
  • X-Rays, blood tests, ultrasounds
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription medications
  • Emergency care
  • Specialty care
  • Alternative treatment

Like all pet insurance policies in Wyoming, the Healthy Paws plan doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, the examination fee, or preventative care, such as annual check-ups, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures, and teeth cleaning. But for new accidents and illnesses, Wyoming residents can take their pets to any licensed vet, animal hospital, or specialty clinic across the country and then submit bills to us for up to 90% reimbursement.

We’ve simplified the claim process so all you need to do is snap a photo of the bill and we’ll take care of everything else – typically within just two business days!

Why Get Pet Insurance in Wyoming?

Dogs and cats that spend time outdoors in Wyoming can be at risk due to very hot and cold weather conditions, wild animals on the family property, toxic plants and water, and diseases that can be spread between animals. But even domestic animals that stay indoors all the time can accidently ingest things that make them sick, suffer from falls, have emergency situations, and develop cancer as they age. The five most common claims to Healthy Paws from Wyoming pet parents are for skin conditions, pain, gastritis, ear infections and eye conditions.

These are things that no animal lover likes to think about, but it’s best to be prepared with a pet health insurance plan.

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Our Commitment to Our Customers

The Healthy Paws pet insurance plan is designed with straightforward and simple terms of coverage, we reimburse covered claims quickly, and you can count on us to help with great customer service, especially when it comes to reducing the stress of caring for a sick pet.

Our goal is to provide you and your pet with the best customer service and best pet insurance plan in the country. We are grateful to our pet-passionate customers for sharing their love of our plan and service by giving us the #1 customer satisfaction rating at for seven years in a row.


What Our Customers Have Been Saying

"I have always insured my pets, but when I discovered Healthy Paws, I hit the jackpot. Claims are addressed within a day. Not to mention follow up emails to check on your sick or injured pet! This company truly cares about your pets, and their customer service is amazing. I highly recommend them over any other pet insurance (and I have had experience with a few others) with an A+ rating! "

- Annette E., Sheridan, WY

"My 14-month-old corgi had emergency surgery for an intestinal obstruction (chewed up ball). I'm so glad I decided to buy pet insurance for him when we first got him. I hoped that Healthy Paws would come through and they were great! They paid what they were supposed to and got my claims settled within days. They also kept in touch with me to make sure Harry was better."

- Rhonda J.

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The claim scenarios described here are intended to show the types of situations that may result in claims. These scenarios should not be compared to any other claim. Whether or to what extent a particular loss is covered depends on the facts and circumstances of the loss, the terms and conditions of the policy as issued and applicable law.

Insureds providing testimonials in this report have not received compensation for their statements.