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A small mixed breed dog takes a walk in the park with its owner.

Welcome to the
Healthy Paws

Welcome to the Healthy Paws family!

Welcome to the Healthy Paws Family

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Welcome to the Healthy Paws family!

For our new customers and their four-legged family members, here are some important items to know after enrolling.

Protecting your pet’s health with a Healthy Paws Pet Insurance plan makes it easy to give them the medical care they need while helping to protect your bank account from unexpected and expensive veterinary bills.

Customer Center and Healthy Paws Mobile App

The Healthy Paws Customer Center is your online resource for managing your pet’s policy, filing claims, reviewing your claim status, updating your billing information and much more. You can also download our Healthy Paws Mobile App for tablets and mobile phones.

We’re an eco-friendly, paperless company and provide all information electronically to our customers by email and through our online Customer Center and App.

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