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Can Dogs Eat Bread?

12/12/2016 by Colleen Williams
December 12th, 2016 by Colleen Williams

can dogs eat bread

Dogs can eat bread safely, under the following conditions:

  • Only in small portions
  • Not on a regular basis
  • As for raw dough, that’s a big no

If your dog has eaten bread by mistake, you won’t have to rush to the emergency vet clinic. But too much bread may make your dog overweight, which can lead to other health problems, so it should not be used as a regular treat for your pup.

Bread has long been touted as a remedy for puppy tummy issues. If your dog has eaten something with sharp edges (rawhide bones, sticks, real bones), bread can be given in order to “pad” the foreign material and help it pass safely through the GI tract. The same goes for a dog that’s ingested thread, yarn, or string. Bread can also help pups with sour stomachs.

There is always a disclaimer, though, that serious conditions should be checked out by a veterinary professional; if your dog has eaten any of the above, check with your vet first before trying to self-diagnose and treat.

Not all breads are created equal, so if your dog has eaten bread, make sure it’s free of toxic components. Raisin bread, onion or garlic breads, and any breads containing nuts or seeds can be toxic, as can moldy or rotten bread (if you wouldn’t eat it, do not feed it to your dog!).

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